Remotely piloted aircraft devices (RPAS), commonly known as “drones”, are also an advantageous resource for insurancelegalproperty and appraisals. The objective is the estimate of the real damages in case of adverse events, accidents, thefts, or the evaluation of assets and property for separations or sales. Using drone experts is one of the methodologies used.

The dimensions of a drone can vary from a few centimetres to a few meters, in the case of devices used in the military. Small or medium-sized aircraft are used for the appraisals, depending on the object to be inspected. In fact, using a drone expert allow you to obtain images and videos from observation points that are difficult to reach with other tools.

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Various types of sensors can be mounted or integrated on the SAPRs that allow the most disparate measurements, from those that evaluate the temperature differences to those that establish the absolute temperatures, from the sets of photographs to the identification of point clouds for relief modelling 3D with a drone. On small remotely piloted aircraft, real HD and Ultra HD cameras can be installed that record videos in 4k, that is, with a resolution of 4000 pixels on the horizontal axis.

Shooting with a drone allows you to obtain videos with a perfect definition so that it is possible to evaluate the conditions of a building rather than the evolution of an emergency situation. Aerial shots with drones are useful, for example, to establish the dynamics of road accidents involving multiple vehicles, to assess the condition of damaged property or to identify any critical issues in crops in the agricultural sector.


On this page, there is useful information on the subject of using our drone experts for aerial surveying. Insurance, legal, property and cadastral appraisals are taken into consideration. The techniques that can be applied thanks to the support of SAPR devices, such as photogrammetry, 3D modelling, video shooting with a drone, infrared thermography, are briefly summarized.

The use of drone experts has some advantages, such as greater speed in data and image acquisition, safety for workers who can avoid carrying out risky inspections, relatively low management costs. The combination of SAPR technology with photogrammetry, the use of GPS and infrared thermography, laser sensors, or other types, determines advantages in assessing critical situations, the extension of damage to crops or buildings, in carrying out useful measurements in the insurance, legal and real estate sectors.

On the side, there is a summary which is intended to be a useful guide to identify the most interesting topics according to the needs to be met. You can also contact Drone Videography’s drone experts who are available to answer any questions and make a free quote.

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Drone Videography offers SAPR services for insurance, legal, property and cadastral appraisals. It uses the most advanced Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and its pilots are recognized by ENAC, the National Civil Aviation Authority.

Through the SAPR technologies, EGM96 deals with photogrammetry and 3D modellingvideo shootingradiometric thermographyinspections and topographic surveys, all techniques useful for acquiring images and fundamental data in the realization of appraisals. Drone Videography professionals are able to obtain 4k videos, 3D models and extremely precise measurements thanks to the use of the latest generation sensors.

The Drone Videography working group engages in every activity with passion and rigour, putting in place specialized skills and attention to details and the actual needs of the customer. The satisfaction of Drone Videography professionals is to respond in the most appropriate way to the challenges of each request.


In the insurance field drone experts using, aerial inspections drones are useful for estimating damage resulting from atmospheric events or natural disasters on crops or building structures. The use of drone experts makes work faster, allows you to reach areas at risk of fire or collapse, obtain more precise measurements, to maintain lower costs.

The techniques used are those of Digital Photogrammetry and 3D modelling. Photogrammetry allows detecting the shape and position of an object on the basis of pairs of stereometric frames. Orthophotos are obtained which measure real distances.

In fact, orthophoto, or orthophotography, is a geometrically correct aerial image with the orthorectification technique and georeferenced in such a way that the scale of representation is uniform throughout the photograph.

An orthophoto is therefore comparable to a real map, a map with a precise scale.

Photogrammetry makes centimetre precision measurements possible.

This first phase of 2D image detection is followed by the 3D modelling phase, which is achieved through point clouds identified by the drone sensors in the three dimensions of space and generally used in the work with CAD.

3D models are also obtained through sections, used above all to trace altimetric profiles, with the aid of a digital elevation model (DEM, Digital Elevation Model), i.e. a digital representation of the distribution of the altitudes of a territory.

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As for the chemical sector, also as regards the naval industry sector, drone experts are fundamental support for various operations. First of all, drones for aerial shots of a promotional nature certainly represent a revolution from a marketing point of view. Thereafter, the drone thermography activity is also fundamental, as it allows you to control and monitor large ships and shipyards, quickly isolating the areas where it is necessary to intervene.

The importance of identifying anomalies in advance makes it possible to optimize the life cycle of each machinery (such as the loading pumps of tankers), as well as of other elements present on the ship or inside the shipyards, avoiding being unprepared with a failure that could be potentially risky.

The aerial inspections with drone allow you to significantly reduce the time required compared to conventional methods, in addition to the estimated costs for the implementation of the service.

Another important field of application in relation to the naval industry is that of promotion, where aerial photography drones represent much more than a simple evolution of method. In fact, these are cutting-edge tools that, equipped with the best HD and Ultra HD 4K cameras (therefore the most advanced technologies in detail and depth optics), are able to return images capable of radically transforming the visual experience.
Innovative perspectives and a unique point of view, this is what you get.


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The legal reports are a useful tool when the insured is not satisfied with the refund, provided by insurance. In fact, the drone experts who work for the insurance companies will make an estimate of the damages with the aim of containing the costs and thus the amount of the compensation. In these cases, it is advisable to consult Drone Videography drone experts.

When the damages to be assessed concern buildings, crops, plants, the legal appraisals can make use of the SAPR technology, that is drones. Through photogrammetry and thermography, the extent of the damaged area can be measured and the coordinates of the various criticalities are established.

Thermography is carried out through the installation of thermal cameras that detect temperature differences and in some cases even the absolute temperature.

This is an important measurement to understand where there are risks of fire, malfunctions, water infiltrations, system leaks, heat losses.

Through drone shooting, sets of photographs can also be obtained, a sort of photo shoot, which can be of great importance to get an overall picture of the situation. These are surveys that are carried out mainly for building surveys and provide high-resolution images.

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The patrimonial appraisals are carried out for the evaluation of the amount of the patrimony, that is the set of movable and immovable assets that a natural or legal person owns. The so-called appraisal, usually referring to a property or a building can be included in the total calculation of assets.

The appraisal is made up of a complex elaborate in which an articulated text is found, with a solid analytical and argumentative structure, accompanied by numerical parts, graphics and images. Its purpose is to give a description as exhaustive as possible of the property in question so that it is possible to make an economic – commercial evaluation.

The document includes intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics: the requirements of the supporting structure, the materials with which the building is built, the location, the thermal values, the resistance load, the details of the building permit and cadastral identification, the year of construction, the quality of the finishes and the presence of public services in the area. In addition, the certificates of viability and habitability must be attached.

In the context of carrying out an appraisal, it may be useful to use a drone expert to measure the exact extent of the properties to be estimated and identify any critical issues, as well as carry out surveys to estimate the extent of any damage and accurately determine the point in which there are failures or breakages.



Cadastral appraisals can be requested by individuals, condominiums or companies. The objective is to verify the actual correspondence between the information contained in the cadastral documents and the real conditions of the property or properties to be evaluated. Generally the cadastral appraisal is requested in view of a deed of sale. In fact, in order for the deed to be drawn up and authenticated, the characteristics of an asset must correspond to those indicated in the cadastral documents.

In the case of complexes of buildings of considerable extension, the shooting with drone and the measurements that can be carried out thanks to the installed sensors are useful for having high resolution images, precise data, details that are difficult to highlight with other tools.



For all the appraisals in which it is necessary to evaluate the conditions of real estate, plants, industries and crops, it is possible to refer to Drone Videography, a company of specialized professionals, which uses drone pilots recognized by ENAC, the National Body for civil aviation.

Drone Videography is a competitive and organized reality that guarantees quality service, also thanks to state-of-the-art remotely piloted aircraft systems, equipped with the latest technologies. The devices used by Drone Videography are capable of carrying out any type of measurement.

All Drone Videography drone services are offered at advantageous prices. In fact, using drone experts is an opportunity for companies and individuals in terms of time, the effectiveness of interventions and reduced costs compared to the use of more traditional techniques.

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