At Drone Videography we have drones specially equipped for the production of aerial video for recording events both outdoors and indoors, we capture unique and novel perspectives in a high-quality video. Thanks to advanced stabilization systems for both the drone and its recording system, we achieve spectacular results.

Our drone aerial video service adapts to your needs, whether professional or personal (aerial filming, aerial video) for advertising spots, corporate videos, events, reports, documentaries, inspections, etc., through the use of the latest technology in drones and cameras. . We also have teams of pilots experienced in capturing novel material for various applications.

We have the latest generation Aero-filming equipment capable of capturing video in HD, Full HD, 4K and Ultra HD resolutions. The structures (“frames”) of our drones are built with absolute precision, being light and resistant.

Drone Aerial Video

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Drones are a fast, flexible and efficient solution for most aerial filming needs.

We recommend the use of our platforms for drone aerial video needs in which the following are required:

  • Low budget aerial video recordings
  • Recordings no more than 120 meters high
  • Recordings near the object of interest
  • Urgent recording on the same day.

Safety and precision 

Our drones are characterized by using the most advanced radio control equipment, resulting in not only precise but also safe flights. You need to be a trained point to fly drones at events so leave it to the drone experts.

Drone used in our aerial video services uses an array of sensors that include GPS, barometer, gyroscopes and accelerometers in the 3 axes, and in combination with advanced flight control algorithms, we obtain recordings of extraordinary smoothness and precision, in addition to allowing our drones to be able to maintain the position and altitude at any point in the air and capture scenes from angles that were never possible before.

Drone Aerial Videos

Multi-rotor drones used in aerial videos have a rack where we attach the gimbal to which the camera is attached. 

The gimbal includes a stabilization system that allows the camera to stay in a fixed position with respect to the three axes of rotation (“pan”, “tilt”, “roll”) regardless of the movements of the drone.

With the gimbal, videos are obtained with unbeatable stability similar to that obtained with the camera fixed on a tripod or in a travelling system.

The pilot maintains control at all times over the tilt, roll and pan angles, being able to move the camera to capture the desired plane. 

The angular speed of the three axes is configurable, being able to adjust to drones aerial videos where smoothness is sought or faster movements for action filming.

Our drones have retractable landing gear, once the drone takes off, it retracts, disappearing from the camera’s field of view, allowing it to rotate and record in 360 degrees.

The pilot maintains control at all times

Recording formats 

Depending on your needs, we can offer you various combinations of cameras and lenses to adapt to the desired resolution (HD, FULLHD, UHD4K). We use equipment and applications specially designed for professional video production.


Aerial drone service

Professional aerial shooting services with a drone by certified pilots

We provide drone services of any kind!

  • Property shootings
  • Shooting for events and weddings
  • Thermographic recordings
  • Cultural shootings
  • Photogrammetric shooting
  • Agricultural shooting
  • Reliefs of any kind

Drone Videography provides services for companies and individuals. All our pilots are ENAC certified and comply with the highest safety regulations in force by Italian law. 

Drone Aerial Videos are growing rapidly saw the price accessible to everyone and the quality ‘images before accessible only with the operator of the helicopter. In fact, there are numerous drone shots that we can do. They range from real estate filming to surveys on construction sites, cultural, thermographic or photogrammetric surveys, as well as the filming of events and weddings. These are only a small part of the numerous aerial shots that a drone can take. Our aerial shooting services are intended for both companies and individuals. The service is carried out by operators specialized in remote control and shooting with drones.

Drone Aerial Video Service in the UK

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Aerial Reports

We carry out aerial photographic reports. Our images are ideal for documenting your projects, showing where your business is located, or how close that house is to the beach… Thanks to this you will achieve: that they find you the first time; that potential buyers of your home know the wonderful place where it is located without having to travel; or simply show your facilities transmitting a good corporate image …

Aerial Recordings

We carry out aerial recordings with different types of drones. From a general aeroplane to close-range, high-speed tracking. If you need drone aerial photography we can also help our drones take 4k photos as well as videos.

Video edition

If you need a video that transmits what you are looking for, and that hooks the viewer, we can take care of it, making both the necessary aerial and terrestrial recordings, in addition to video editing, along with the musical selection, etc.

Drone recordings at weddings

Do you want some aerial shots of such a special day?
Today drones already have a fixed presence in every wedding ceremony. Like the photographer, the aerial video and photography images that drones offer you at your wedding are an essential complement to tell that special, unique and unrepeatable moment in a unique and modern way.

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