BENEFITS OF THE Drone Aerial Inspection

Industrial inspections, whether routine or more particular, mainly involve the use of ladders, scaffolds, ropes and platforms to scale machinery and large towers, to monitor processes and locate bottlenecks. 
This type of inspection, in addition to being risky for inspectors, most of the time requires machinery to be shut down or stopped, which has significant financial implications.
Flights to carry out drone aerial inspections or supervision of infrastructures with drones are totally safe, precise, agile and economical as they do not depend on helicopters and pilots, in addition to completely eliminating the risk of putting people in the air. We can help with all types of Drone Services, all you need to do is ask and we will be there.

Drones used for aerial inspections have applications that allow them to navigate through pre-planned waypoints and thus be able to follow a precise trajectory for taking photo / video-graphic material of great quality and useful for inspection and detailed analysis. With drone aerial inspection technology it is no longer necessary to carry out inspections with helicopters, drones are capable of flying large areas and/or lengths, getting as close as necessary to the inspected elements and entering risk areas more easily.

Civil work

The aerial inspection of work consists of monitoring the development of the same, in order to obtain sufficient material (photo and/or video) very useful for various applications: visual report presentations, control and documentation of progress, supervision of work units, activity logistics management, safety and quality verifications, generation of BIM (Building Information Models)

It consists of obtaining high-quality images using drones, which allow a detailed analysis of the structure, especially in those elements that are difficult to access and that until now required high costs and time in their inspection. Detecting defects or restrictions that can turn into severe damages if they are not repaired in time.

In short, drone aerial inspections can generate all the necessary material to manage the entire visual historical archive of the construction of the infrastructure.

The monitoring of the work is carried out by means of waypoint configurations and/or by means of references of interest to guarantee the precision of the exact route on the work and that the shot will always be from the same site during the time of its construction.

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Drone Aerial Inspections
Drone Aerial Inspections
Drone Aerial Inspections
Drone Aerial Inspections

Integration of geo-tagged photos

The captured photographs taken in the drone aerial inspections have very complete metadata, including the capture date, shot height, speed and geographical position, for this reason, they can be integrated into GIS platforms to be consulted on sophisticated maps and CAD or SHP files or in the form simpler from the Google Earth environment.

Industrial Inspection

To ensure the correct energy supply, it is necessary to carry out regular inspections of the transmission or generating facilities: electrical towers, gas pipelines, power plants, nuclear power plants, transformer stations. Due to the large size and difficult access of this type of infrastructure, drone aerial inspection is carried out from aerial platforms.

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We have an efficient, economical and safe inspection and monitoring processes. Our aircraft is stable in flight and have high-resolution sensors, which ensures the reach of hard to reach areas with a high level of safety, significantly reducing the time and cost in critical


With specific high-resolution cameras, distortion-free optical zoom and embedded autonomous intelligence, Drones have revolutionized the inspection and monitoring activities of Oil and Gas facilities and infrastructure.

The technology reduces operational risks and costs, allowing fast and safe collection of high-resolution images and videos in Refineries, Platforms, Oil and Gas Pipelines.

With extensive experience in Geotechnologies, pilots and professional equipment, Drone Videography focuses on collecting reliable data for improved drone aerial inspections and mapping, striving to meet compliance requirements and integrate aerial data with SIG / GIS systems and other business systems.

Drone Aerial Inspections


Currently, companies from all over the world linked to mining activities use Drones. The technology has a high degree of applicability for numerous purposes, developing visual inspections more quickly, safely and accurately.

In addition to considerably minimizing risks and the need to stop operations, productivity and cost reduction are drastically enhanced, since traditional inspection techniques, which usually take days or weeks, can be reduced to a few hours with the use of aerial inspection drones.


Solutions in Monitoring and Monitoring of Works and Asset Management.

With the technological evolution of Drones and embedded sensors, it is possible to carry out inspections and monitoring of infrastructures in areas of difficult access, or of risk, in a fast, reliable and remote manner, bringing more security to the professionals involved.

Drone Videography works with flight platforms and sensors specific to each need, whether or not they require frequent monitoring and inspections.

Using this service, planning and managing will be more effective and more cost-effective.

Drone Inspection And Monitoring In Civil Construction


We have a more efficient, economical and safe inspection and monitoring process on roofs and roofs of residential and commercial buildings. as well as drone photography for estate agents.

With stable aircraft in flight and high-resolution sensors, this solution offers greater accessibility and safety in areas of difficult access, reducing considerable time and cost in commercial operations.

Aerial visual inspection solutions from Drone Videography allow insurance companies to improve the customer experience by assessing the condition of the property and identifying the risk attributes for a better informed and accurate underwriting.


Currently, in the UK there are thousands of generating plants, more than 100,000 km of transmission lines, and tens of millions of km of distribution networks.

Any defect in one of its critical components can cause an unexpected and indeterminate shutdown of any system, compromising the power supply.

Through inspections and monitoring with Drones, it is possible to access areas that may represent health, safety and environmental risks, in a faster, safer and real-time manner, reducing the impact on production and overall costs.


drone aerial inspection IN TELECOMMUNICATIONS TOWERS

Inspections and monitoring in Telecommunications towers, using Drones, have shown greater efficiency and safety, in addition to significant cost savings in large companies around the world.

With autonomous embedded technology, it is possible to perform the mapping, inspection and collection in an accelerated, repeatable, safe and real-time way, both of the structures and of the equipment of the towers, with high-resolution images and videos.

Our solutions are in compliance with the requirements for compliance and integration of aerial data with Geographic Information Systems and other business systems.

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