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We have the complete solution for professionals who seek to carry out their projects with precision, efficiency and safety. Aerial surveying is not just flying with drones. At Drone Videography we have the comprehensive solution you need, high-performance drones equipped with GNSS technology, professional sensors and a series of advanced software that together guarantee high-precision surveys and prompt response at a lower cost.

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Aerial Surveying with Drones

Aerial surveys are of high importance for multiple activities in different areas of application because they are an immediate solution that offers accurate and reliable information on which to develop various types of professional projects.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or more commonly known as drones are currently the new technological tools capable of flying over the earth’s surface carrying different types of sensors such as cameras, radars, scanners, laser equipment, etc .; and integrate them at the same time with a series of navigation systems and flight control systems that record the exact position and trajectory to capture the required information.

Thus at Drone Videography, we offer an advanced aerial surveying solution that can be composed of high-resolution georeferenced images with regular time intervals that allow us to generate sophisticated maps that are highly useful for various purposes. Our aerial surveying drones are highly portable, rapidly deployable equipment and can take off from virtually anywhere.


The main advantage that drone aerial surveying offers is cost since it does not require transferring aeroplanes or helicopters to the site of interest to carry out the same work, which affects the final price of the service.


Aerial surveying drones can take off directly at the site of interest, cover large exemptions and support full days of flights, the information is obtained immediately, thus reducing execution times.


By not having to work in risky areas, surveyors and their crews guarantee your safety, since it is easy for drones to reach these areas without posing any danger.


We do not obtain a few points, we obtain millions of them that show the precise appearance of the surfaces, and with them, we generate other topographic products such as DTM, Orthophoto, vector cartography, etc ...


Through our aerial surveying and Digital photogrammetry, we offer precise topographic products of a specific site, having these products is of vital importance for multiple infrastructure projects since they provide enough detailed information that can help avoid unforeseen events and reduce the possibility of costly errors.

Among the products derived from aerial surveys we can generate and deliver:

  • Topographic plans in file formats compatible with CAD or GIS environments.
  • Ortho-mosaics of images of great detail and precision in output formats GEOTIF, JPG, ECW, KMZ
  • Digital elevation models, such as Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and Digital Surface Model (DSM)
  • Sorted and filtered three-dimensional point clouds in LAS formats
  • Level curves at fixed intervals from 10cm.
  • Digitization of detailed planimetry in SHP, DGN, DXF, DWG, KMZ formats
  • Calculation of volumes, cross-sections and longitudinal profiles.
  • 3D modelling in OBJ, FBX, PLY output formats

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Orthophotos or orthoimages are rectified images, that is, they are free from distortion and their main characteristic is that they have a uniform scale over their entire surface, in other words, an orthophoto is a kind of scaled photographic map, on which it is possible to make measurements with a certain degree of precision. They are generated from numerous transverse and longitudinal superimposed images that are captured by means of our aerial surveying drones.

The orthophoto can be integrated with other maps or with other information collected on the same site that contains urban or technical elements such as water supply networks, electricity supply, sewage networks, dams, roads, construction projects, etc, thus allowing correct decision making. Unlike our standard aerial videos service, The precision of an orthophoto is directly proportional to the resolution of the photographs captured by the camera installed in the aerial surveying drone.

We generate orthoimages quickly and regularly thanks to the profitability and agile operation of the drones since they have integral systems to direct and control them during flights, in this way we carry out automated navigation and systematized capture that guarantees complete coverage of the drones. study area.

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GPS ground support points are physical sites, whether permanent or momentary, from which we obtain their geographical position using high-precision GPS-RTK equipment. These points are strategically placed within the area of ​​interest and offer greater precision to topographic surveys, as well as to all derived products because they are the geometric base that assigns the correct geographical position to the entire photogrammetric process and products.

GPS ground monitoring is an essential activity to ensure that the final topographic plan has a very accurate reference to the real world.


Digital Elevation Models refer to two main types: Digital Surface Models (DSM) and Digital Terrain Models (DTM). The DSM provide the values ​​of the heights of the first surface, which means that it includes absolutely all the characteristics of the terrain such as vegetation, buildings, roads, etc., for which we can say that the DSM represent a topographic model of the earth’s surface. On the other hand, the DTMs represent the topographic model of the bare terrain, these are generated from the DSM, by means of the digital elimination of the elements made by the man and the vegetation.

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The contour lines of a topographic plan or map are lines that join points of equal elevation, based on a reference that is generally the Mean Sea Level. Each line of a contour represents a specific elevation and the difference in elevations between two adjacent lines is called a curve interval, for this reason, the contour lines never intersect each other. By looking at the contour lines of a topographic plane, you immediately have an idea of ​​the shape of the three-dimensional landform.

Generation of 3D Models

From a series of photographs taken from different angles using an aerial surveying drone we generate very complex three-dimensional models in their real conditions, including their dimensions, these models provide a detailed and real panorama that helps the design, construction and operation decisions of any type of construction project. infrastructure. Once the 3D model is generated, it can be shared among various users to analyze it and make precise measurements of distances, areas or volumes.

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