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A Virtual Tour or Drone Virtual Tour is a simulation of an existing place, it consists of connecting a certain number of spherical photographs of the site, whether interior or exterior and then allowing anyone with Internet access to look around the details of the place via smartphones, tablets or computers and from anywhere in the world at any time of the day.

This format of images, in addition to allowing the visualization of complete scenarios in full colour, offers a wide opening to creativity in Virtual Reality, since it is also possible to experience the photographs through the various types of VR glasses that are already available on the market. at very accessible prices for all audiences. Thus, in this way the virtual tours provide an experience as if you were really on the site, they are fully controlled interactively, no additional software or plug-in is required to view them. They are quickly deployed from any computer with a normal Internet connection.

Place 360 ° Virtual Tour on your Websites

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Place 360 ° Virtual Tour on your Websites

When it is necessary to keep our drone 360 ° virtual tours virtual tours more private, there is the option of placing them on our own websites or on private intranets and thus it is possible to manage and control access for different users through usernames and passwords.

They also offer the advantage of being able to be totally personalized in their interface to the taste and criteria of the users, thus being able to design exclusive buttons and controls, place texts at will, add links to other sites or pages of interest and even place your company logo. . In short, you can have a very useful drone 360 ° virtual tour tailored to your needs.

Place drone 360 ° Virtual Tours

What benefits does a Drone 360 ° Virtual Tour offer?


The main advantage of a Drone 360 ° Virtual Tour is that it offers the possibility of being placed and published in the Google Street View service, thus allowing the public to show the details of the interior and exterior of any site, whether public or private.


It is not necessary to be a programming expert to put the virtual tour on your own website, our files are ready to be published on the site or page where you want the virtual tour to appear.


Visitors can visit the sites or properties through any device, they decide which part to visit, where to go and zoom in on the details they prefer.


They are compatible with all types of devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC's and with any type of operating system: Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, Linux.


Outdoor places such as parks, sports, spas, gardens, squares, lagoons, etc. and for inland properties such as bars, restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, cafeterias, offices, party rooms, bakeries, clothing stores, furniture stores, agencies, schools, etc.


It is very easy to hire a Drone Virtual Tour, we visit you to evaluate your site, we tell you how many 360 ° photographs you need and at that moment we quote you.

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Aerial 360º virtual tour

The aerial 360º virtual tour is one of the best marketing and advertising tools, which represents a new way of making your business, your facilities, etc. known in a visual, different and effective way.

Why a virtual tour?

This product allows the user to take a virtual tour in 360º in a faithful and totally interactive way, allowing them to explore and discover.

If you wish, the tours can include photographs, Aerial Video or Aerial Photography with all the useful information you want to show, such as rates, hours, plans, product catalogue, routes, history, curiosities, location and infinite information.

Topodronex conducts 360º virtual tours so that you can differentiate yourself and offer a new and attractive vision of your activity or business.

Types of tours

 Virtual aerial tour

We carry out 360º virtual aerial tours thanks to images taken from a drone, in this way you will have a different and unique perspective.

 Virtual land tour

We offer you the possibility of doing it both indoors and outdoors to give you a complete vision of everything you want to show.

 Mixed virtual tour

We combine both modalities to create unique virtual tours.

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