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Drone Services For The UK

Drone Videography does not only mean aerial images, but it also refers to photos and videos, which impact and transcend, images that transmit beyond what is directly implicit. We look for something above, something that enchants the eyes of the viewers.

Drone Inspections

Inspect details using high-resolution photos or 4k videos produced by our professional drones and pilots.

With the resources and expertise of our pilots and the use of drones, we have managed to get where a common camera does not. Through the high resolution and capture of images, we were able to generate support material for reports and forensics that assist in decision making. We inspect roofs, chimneys, lozenges, posts, antennas, in short, places that are difficult to access.

Drone services for estate agents and construction companies

We have the ideal service packages for your real estate or construction company. Always have new videos and images of your properties and developments to advertise.

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UK Drone Services

We offer drone services such as photos and filming from the air as well as traditionally from the ground using advanced equipment with stabilization. We make materials throughout The UK, and above all in cities such as London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Manchester, and others. We have the equipment of the leader in the DJI unmanned aerial vehicle market, thanks to which we can provide high-quality photo-video materials, also in 4K resolution at 60 fps.  Drone services cover an increasing range of activities that we can offer our clients.

Drone Videography presents a description of our possibilities in the field of drone services. The possibilities of using drones are constantly growing and currently, there are several areas or industries where drones can be successfully used. Thanks to the provision of services using drones, many industries save by receiving a large amount of previously inaccessible information, speed up work or simply receive aerial shots.

As specialists, we have worked on many projects for countless companies and institutions, and we can offer you the gathered experience in the form of the highest quality services.

We provide video filming or photographing services in categories such as:

  • Property
  • Construction Investments
  • Weddings / Weddings
  • Concerts, Events, Events
  • Orthophotos
  • Private Buildings
  • Advertising Films
  • Promotion Of Cities And Communes
  • Time Lapse Filming


For filming from a drone, we use as many as 4 different models of unmanned aerial vehicles, which allows us to adapt to each client and type of order. We make live broadcasts, reports from events, we create beautiful promotional films, smooth shots for the cinema and commercials. Our recordings are used on television, many programs, marketing films and music videos.


With the help of modern drones and high-quality cameras, we can perform aerial inspections in hard-to-reach places. Accuracy, repeatability, and developed work techniques allow for effective drone inspections carried out by us. Many years of experience help in difficult flight conditions at high altitudes.


Making an orthophoto map from a drone should be entrusted to professionals if we want to get the right result. That is the job for us. Our experts have experience in both surveying and UAV service, which allows us to provide services at the highest level. We deal with both the acquisition of material and its further editing to create orthophoto maps from the air.

Technical specifications and the language of the trade are our daily bread, and we successfully create orthophotos from drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles. We provide drone services to many industries.


We create 3D models of objects and selected areas. The use of 3D models is increasingly used in geodesy, architecture, archaeological works, and marketing. 3D models made of a drone allow you to reach hard-to-reach areas and save them to an easily accessible form. Thanks to special software, the 3D models made can be presented in the form of a film or freely zoom in and out.


We also use drones in modern agriculture. The data that we provide allows for efficient damage assessment, analysis of the condition of crops or development of further actions. All this translates into savings of our clients’ time and money.

Precision agriculture is the use of, among others drones for your work. The first farmers have already discovered the advantages of using unmanned aerial vehicles and are increasingly asking us about services related to their activities.

Professional services using drones.

The drone services provided in the United Kingdom are dedicated to individual clients, small businesses, and large enterprises. We carry out tasks for various industries and gradually expand the available packages.

Top-quality drone services in the UK

What drone services in the United Kingdom can we offer you? One of the most popular services in our offer is aerial photography and filming. We are happy to record unique promotional films, interesting reports from industry events and exciting live broadcasts, e.g., during outdoor events. We help you capture the most important moments in life in an effective way, creating touching film materials from the air or beautiful and sensational photos from a sky-high perspective. We also perform drone inspections, as well as create orthophoto maps and 3D models.

Precision farming and drone hire without an operator

Our UK drone services are also a response to the challenges of modern agriculture. The potential of our best DJI drones is used in precision agriculture, for example, to measure or monitor crops. Among the services we provide, the hire of equipment without an operator is also extremely popular. If you need a modern drone to implement your own projects,