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Make your estate agent listing spectacular with our drone photography for estate agents service. It allows estate agents to excel over the competition. Describing a property through a drone video is an untapped opportunity in our country that can really make a difference.

With our help, you can show the property with an impressive visual experience. A client portfolio is instantly created with the ability to describe the property from all aerial and non-aerial perspectives. Aerial drone photography is absolutely the most innovative way to attract property sellers and hit buyers with an emotional journey that will hit them in the heart.

Property Drone Footage

There are sectors in which inventing new systems to be able to enhance one’s work becomes fundamental, and this also happens for the sale and rental of properties, for which one of the new frontiers is constituted by property photos shooting with drone.

One could never have thought of the possibility of making, for example, estate agent videos with indoor drones, or of entrusting a drone to an operator delegated by the estate agency in order to promote a house or land.

Yet, in recent years, more and more agencies, especially abroad, have been equipping themselves with these tools, offering an illustration service for properties for sale also through the exploitation of video footage. This allows all those who want to specifically enhance the structure that will have to be placed on the market.

Drone Videos Created for Estate Agents

It is certainly difficult to imagine how property shots with the drone could be made, and what types of shots can be done through the use of a drone. Here are some examples, but for example, it may be necessary to do photogrammetry with a drone or thermography with a drone if it is necessary to see the estate property from other points of view, for example analyzing geological particularities.

The idea of drone photography for estate agents stems from the need to make the buyer live an emotional and innovative buying experience, which often, especially for prestigious properties, is the basis of any negotiation.

Making property videos with an indoor drone, for example, has brought exceptional results for estate agencies who have decided to use it as a tool. increasing the visibility of unsold properties.

The types of property estate agents shoot with a drone

Bypassing through the innovation system it will therefore be possible to try to sell a  house, an office, a farm,  a  villa or even a small ruin in the best possible way. We can create a 360 ° Virtual Tour of the property, imagine entrusting us with a video for a villa overlooking the sea with a swimming pool.

Imagine how beautiful it can be to show the customer from your smartphone or on your TV the villa with an indoor property shot or an outdoor property shot with a video that describes all its features.

Superimposed effects can be inserted into the video, indicating the hectares of land, the positioning of the swimming pools or the parking space. It would make the representation of the building emotionally more engaging than photographs, encouraging the customer to go and visit the property in question or even better to buy it.

Drone photography for estate agents is a must. However, you must take place trying to respect some rules and standards that allow, therefore, to reach customers in the best possible way, in full compliance with the rules. This is why, for example, we can provide this service as we are all authorized pilots. 

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Estate agents drone services - What you need to know

  1. First of all, to have the drone be driven only by authorized personnel, as the legislation does not provide for the use of drones guided by non-authorized pilots if the purpose is commercial.
  2. Filming must always be done in high definition 4K, an element that is now guaranteed by all our drones, essential for images that can hit the mark for those who consult the property video ad.
  3. Relying on specialists will allow you to transform a simple shot with the drone into an emotional journey to make the customer feel at home, even before buying the property. Making the beauty of the place and the tranquillity of the location perceive through photographically engaging shots is the key to success.
  4. Obviously, when our drone photography for estate agents while start shooting, everything should not be left to chance: the images and the videos must be subjected to editing that will allow you to get the best out of everything that has been “captured” by the camera, using the video to describe the characteristics of the property.
Drone Photography For Estate Agents

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The types of property estate agents shoot with a drone

Going even more specifically, the drone entrusted to the operator delegated by the estate agent can be used to carry out different types of shots depending on the needs of the property or building.

In some cases, the drone will be used simply to take photographs that show, on an external level, how large the property is and what its main characteristics are.

This will allow, therefore, to have an overview of the property and the land, which would be difficult to have in other circumstances, and which would certainly be unattainable if traditional cameras were used.

Subsequently, the drone industry is helping many estate agencies have decided to make films related to the external area of the property, in order to really have a projection referring to that property in front of your eyes, which will already be able to understand many essential elements to those who will see the video.

The types of property estate agents shoot with a drone

For example, you will be able to understand how the external elements of a house are arranged, you will be able to understand its depth, and you will also be able to notice details related to exposure with respect to sunlight.

Our drone photography for estate agents can also include property videos with an indoor drone. The new technologies associated with drones allow us to fly safely inside buildings, thus reproducing a video tour of an apartment or a video tour of a building from an innovative perspective.

In this case, the property shooting with an indoor drone will give the future customer the opportunity to have an immersive experience with respect to the property

Also from this point of view, the shots will give really better results than those of a simple photograph, as they will be more emotionally engaging.

The Reason estate agents use drones

In addition to what can be purely aesthetic functions, estate agents that use drones for shooting videos know the importance it can bring.

First, the customer will be able to preview the property realizing, both externally and internally, its condition. In fact, often the photos are not of excellent quality, or they can be edited in such a way as to make an apartment appear in a certain way, which then, at the time of the actual visit, will be disappointing. 

Still from the point of view of functionality, estate agents shooting with a drone also allows you to have very precise data referring to the airspace of the house or flat. This is thanks to the data collection that these devices allow having.

Even the size of a lot can be detected immediately thanks to the shooting activity using the drone, just as happens for the inspections carried out on agricultural land or areas that have been hit by natural disasters.

Finally, the estate agents that shoot property videos with a drone also gives the agency the possibility of obtaining excellent models in three dimensions relating to the house or property that is being sold or rented.

The Reason estate agents use drones

The advantages for an estate agent to use drones

Estate agents that use drones with properties has many advantages, both for agencies and from the customer’s point of view.

The Estate Agent, in fact, will be able to avoid all that series of empty visits that often would only make him waste time, as with a simple video the potential client will already be able to understand if a certain property can really do for him.

Furthermore, property videos taken with indoor drones will also be very beneficial for the customer. This is because with these devices, as has already been indicated, immersive videos can be created.

These can be simple recordings or videos made at 360 degrees, on which the customer can act and, in a few clicks, can perform what will be his virtual visit.

Essentially, therefore, in an immersive video you will be able to have the same sensations that you could experience when making a live visit to a property, but without having to leave home, and being able to select all the market proposals that will be able to be more interesting. If you need help selling homes try our drone photography for estate agents service, you will not be disappointed.

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