New uses for drones in 2018

Therefore, to celebrate 2019, we want to share with you more triumphs in the RPAS industry and we will talk about different cases: some are advances that have been made on projects that already existed, others are real cases that are already happening and that They exemplify the potential of drones, beyond sectors that have already revolutionized such as audiovisual…

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How Juniper Landscaping Uses Drone Data to Visually Document their Projects

Juniper Landscaping knows the importance of documenting job sites all too well. With multimillion-dollar properties ranging from 10’s to 1000’s of acres, manually inspecting and recording progress is a time-consuming and tedious task. As the 19th largest construction and landscaping firm in the country, the company knew they needed to innovate in order to improve ROI and provide better service…

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Catching Up With Corteva: How the Agriscience Giant Built their Drone Program

In February 2019, we detailed how Corteva Agriscience deployed the largest agricultural drone fleet in the world to diagnose pest and product concerns, suggest locations for optimal crop placement, and evaluate agronomic tools. Globally, using 400+ drones equipped with Drone Videography software, Corteva monitors fields, identifies variations in plant and soil health, and maximizes yield. Through trial and error, their…

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