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DJI – FPV Aerial Unit, 1080 Pixel Aerial Shooting, Smooth and Sharp Images, Eight Frequency Channels, Allows to Drive Up To Eight Drones Simultaneously, Multi-Antenna System, Wide Coverage.


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Product details

Brand DJI
Model name FPV Air Unit
Colour Multi-Coloured
Media type Micro SD
Video capture resolution FHD 1080p
Are batteries included No
  • GENERAL VIEW: The FPV Air Unit features an ultra-low-latency high-definition digital image transmission, 1080p/60fps video recording, and 8 frequency channels, allowing 8 pilots to fly simultaneously
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: The air unit may become hot during or after operation, DO NOT use the air unit for an extended period when there is no external cooling equipment, DO NOT touch it before it cools down
  • IN THE BOX: DJI FPV Air Unit (with camera and four M2 screws) × 1; Three-in-one cable × 1; Antenna (MMCX elbow) × 2
  • TECHNICAL INFO: Air unit (chamber included): 45.8 g; dimensions: 44 × 37.8 × 14.4 mm; camera: 27.4 × 21.1 × 20.1 mm; video format: MP4 video format: H.264; audio: ACC-LC); MicroSD card slot
  • DJI: Every idea, every revolution that changes our world starts with a vision; DJI offers creative people the tools they need to bring their ideas to life

Additional information

Specification: DJI – FPV Aerial Unit

Package dimensions

‎14.6 x 5.6 x 2.2 centimetres

Package Weight

‎0.1 Kilograms

Included components

‎Camera Kit

Part number



‎One Size


‎FPV Air Unit

Effective still resolution

‎4 MP

Item Weight

‎1 Grams

Rechargeable battery included


Item dimensions L x W x H

‎16 x 8 x 1 centimetres

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DJI FPV Drone Review | Best Drones 2022 - Popular Mechanics
February 1, 2022 - Popular Mechanics

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8 reviews for DJI – FPV Aerial Unit

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  1. Mark M.

    First Flight impressions from a long time Phantom and Mavic pilot of the FPV drone. I’ve been flying a Phantom since getting a Phantom 2 back in 2014. I’ve flown extreme environments on the open ocean and from over 10,000 feet at the caldron of a volcano. I’ve become quite comfortable with using those DJI drones. I’ve gained trust in the DJI flight software and capabilities of the drones. Because of that, I’ve been able to capture some beautiful moments in my travels that I could never have imagined without drone photography. I learned to fly manual on toy drones in the beginning, but, quickly adapted to DJI’s GPS technology. After 3 batteries today I find the FPV to be a familiar performing DJI drone, however, it demands respect.Extremely fast even in “Normal” mode, the FPV is very responsive compared to any Phantom or Mavic. Care should be taken, if like myself, you’ve never used Goggles and losing sight of the drone before takeoff is a little disconcerting. Your seeing everything through the Goggles that the drone see’s, a’la, First Person View. The Goggles transmission is so crystal clear it’s like your using your own eyes and suddenly your wondering why you can’t move your head to see the drone?In the air it shoots to 62 mph in “Sport” in a thought. No buildup or lag, it’s a Ferrari compared to Phantoms and Mavics. Be respectful of that acceleration and speed. I would recommend getting it a 100 feet or more above the tallest thing you might hit and fly it around. Bank it, dive and climb. The Goggles are so crystal clear you literally feel like a bird in the sky. It’s so good some banks and turns gave me a twinge of motion sickness. The illusion of flight is real!Flight time was about 12 minutes for me with each of 3 batteries. Of course, I was flying in “Sport” as fast as it would go untill the battery level got low. There is no 30% warning default like a Phantom or Mavic of low battery. Keep a close eye on your battery before the FPV goes RTH on you for low battery. Good news is that my 1st battery was fully charged in 30 minutes from 20% and ready to use after my third battery was used up.Goggles are very impressive! WoW! So clear and immersive. The Ocusync 3.0 is really good. No interference or latency at over 6000 feet from my position. Really impressive range in any direction. This drone is not a marathon runner like a Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 Pro 2.0, but, it’s not because it would lose connection. At all times the transmission of video from the drone to the Goggles was perfect! I saw a buzzard in the air riding the current and I got close, it seemed like it was really next to me. I’m blown away by these FPV Goggles!I also got to see the the ADS system in operation as it alerted me a aircraft was approaching. It’s frightening when you 1st see it in your Goggles! I stopped the drone, never saw the aircraft and kept the FPV low. I’m not sure how far away a aircraft has to be before it’s triggered but I never saw or heard a plane. The system definitely works, just don’t panic when it happens and put your FPV in “Normal” mode and keep your altitude low.I know that FPV drone flight is like a art form for FPV pilots. It takes hours and months of practice and flying to become competent and only a few can fly like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. However, that’s the trap you must avoid if like myself, you’ve only flown Phantoms and Mavics. The DJI FPV drone is familiar in alot of ways, just don’t start thinking it’s the same. It’s not. It’s very quick and fast with extremely responsive movement. I know I’m going to be using the DJI Fpv simulator for some time before I begin entertaining thoughts of putting my FPV in manual mode. And when I do, I’m hoping to fly above a field of marshmallows.Finally, my first day flying the DJI FPV drone was Epic! I haven’t felt this excited about a drone or as anxious about what would happen since the first time I flew my Phantom 2. It’s capabilities as a video centric camera is limited only by the pilots imagination and skill. Just remember the immortal words of the Instructor to Maverick in Top Gun, “Don’t let your Ego write checks that your A** can’t cash!” (and if you do, I hope you got Care Refresh)

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  2. Ben

    Calling it an FPV drone is a little misleading. It’s heavy, expensive, and fragile for an FPV drone with FPV control settings. With that being said, there are normal and sport modes (apart from manual control) that are much safer to use, and that combined with the incredible range and image fidelity makes this drone amazing for exploration and videography purposes. Documentation on repairability is a little sparse at the moment but it’s probably better to play it safe and get the $200 insurance package that DJI offers which comes with 2 replacements over a 1 year period.I’m seeing a few other reviews on here of people having technical difficulties with setting up the goggles or their iPhones, and I can verify that the software works with an iPhone 12 pro which is the phone that I am currently using. Setting up the software is a bit tricky and requires all the components to be charged and you have to connect to the goggles using the usb to usb c adapter provided. It does a signal conversion with the adapter itself.Additionally the goggles ask you for the language setting upon turning them on for the first time. DJI should probably do a better job with documenting the specific configuration steps, as I found the Quickstart guide to be confusing, which may have led to the some of the issues that people are seeing with the initial configuration.All in all, it’s a bit of an experience to setup this drone but it’s great for distance flying and exploration. If that’s your thing or you already have sport FPVs and want to get something for longer flights–and don’t mind the additional cost–this is a great pick.

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  3. Kiran R. Desilva

    I purchased this drone a couple of weeks ago. No issues with shipment. Great little drone for a beginner. I must emphasize that I am a complete beginner and so these are just my thoughts. It’s so easy to use I had my kids flying it within 30 minutes.Tips/recommendations1. Charge all your batteries prior to usage.2. Firmware updates for Drone and Batteries.Try to do this at home prior to going out and flying cause this could cost you time and battery power. I initially tried to update the firmware and the update kept crashing on me. I had to reboot my iphone a couple of times to get the firmware properly loaded on the drone. It took approximately an hour to download an update. I found the process to be extremely frustrating. Also the intelligent batteries that you purchase will require firmware updates. It only took a minute to do it.2. I’d recommend buying at least 2 more batteries. Flight time during cold temperatures (35 F and below) goes down to about 10 minutes flight time. Also once the batteries hit 30% it goes into RTH (Return To Home) Mode which I do not like. The drone will ascend and then you have to click on the Cancel option to cancel and fly back which is a little bit annoying. During warmer temperatures (75 F) flight time can go up to approximately 15 minutes. I wish they’d come up with a battery for this drone that would last about 30 minutes that would be awesome.3. TrainingDownload the DJI Virtual Flight app from the App store (Iphone). I thought the DJI Virtual Flight app was half way decent. It takes you through the motion of connecting the Goggles, Remote Controller and Iphone. You’ll need an Iphone “Lightning to USB” Cable to connect the goggles to the Iphone. Managed to connect it to an Iphone 12. I started my flight training in “Normal” mode and there were a couple of things I had to get use to. Namely the angles at which you’re flying at. Make sure you keep your head straight while flying otherwise your head will start spinning. I had to really focus on this while training. Train, train, train before you physically fly the drone.Once you’re ready to physically fly pick a big open space and just fly the drone without the goggles, just to get use your surroundings. I had my kids fly it this way prior to putting the goggles on.Do some flight pattern training flying in a rectangle, square, S, circle etc and you should be good to go.I wish the DJI Virtual Flight app had some more training tips like how to fly around obstacles and more flight challenges etc.4. Get a good case for storage. It becomes a bit of a pain to transport. I’ve been using a card board box.5. Get micro SD cards for the goggles and the drone.6. I also purchased DJI care refresh which cost about $212 with tax. So will see if I need it.7. Incoming Aircraft Sensor – This works great. There were times I did’n’t even see the aircraft and the sensor picked it up quite impressive.

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  4. Jerry Donica

    Optical Very Good

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  5. mrlinux11

    Why do I need to activate in the first place, and the activation process is horrid, The instruction manual does not even mention downloading the DJI Assistant app let alone when your search for, that there are 2 versions of the assistant and you need V2. I have downloaded the app and it wants a login, according to the instructions on their website I need to use their special ID/password which gives me a password error.Ok after finally getting the right app installed and creating a dji account and following the instructions I got it activated. If the instructions had came with the goggles , instead of making me search Google for help and all I found was old problems

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  6. Gadgetman

    I am a very experienced FPV drone pilot and builder who have used many FPV goggles including the name brand ones such as Fatshark and Skyzone’s. The DJI FPV Goggles V2 so far is bar none in terms of its immersive digital HD experience, penetration, and impressive range for FPV flying.The activation process is indeed quite straight forward. All we need is to go to the DJI website to set up an account, download the DJI Assistant (for FPV), logon the account, and plug in the DJI goggles to the PC. The Goggles can use any standard 2S – 6S Lipos for the power with a variety of settings.I have used it with my Cinelog 25 and Babyhawk II HD with excellent performances. The DVR on the goggles provides crystal clear recorded videos. Definitely a no-regret investment for my FPV experiences.

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  7. IJLSD

    Fantastic bit of kit

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  8. Peter

    The Air unit is amazing and helped me master flying fpv. I simply couldn’t hack it with analogue but digital gives you such an amazing detailed view,it helps massively.. Thoroughly recommended.

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