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DJI Action 2 Power Combo – Action Camera with Extended Battery Module, 155° FOV, Magnetic Attachments, Stabilization Technology, Waterproof Camera ideal.


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  • Snap Into Your Environment – Action 2’s innovative magnetic design allows you to effortlessly switch out accessories as you capture life on the go : snap on any of Action 2’s diverse accessories and discover creative ways to film your adventure
  • Action on the Go – The ultra-compact DJI Action 2 takes up next to no room in your travel bag : with the Magnetic Lanyard and Magnetic Headband, you can effortlessly wear the lightweight camera on your head or chest as you capture the world around you
  • Footage That Speaks for Itself – Record stunningly smooth video with richer details than ever before : action 2’s ultra-wide FOV lets you capture more of your surroundings as you explore. Share-Worthy Content in a Tap – The DJI Mimo app uses its AI Editor to automatically select and combine your epic moments with flawless transitions and upbeat music
  • Make a Splash – DJI Action 2 is robust and waterproof right out of the box, so that you can capture it all on your aquatic adventures : the camera unit can be used at depths of up to 10 meters and at 60 meters when paired with the waterproof case
  • Magnetic Protective Case – Prevents damage from impact, scratches, and abrasions : heat resistant to increase recording length under normal circumstances

Additional information

Specification: DJI Action 2 Power Combo

Package dimensions

‎22.8 x 6.7 x 3.9 centimetres

Package Weight

‎0.27 Kilograms

Item dimensions L x W x H

‎39 x 39 x 22 millimetres

Item Weight

‎56 Grams





Has image stabilisation


Included components

‎DJI Action 2 Power Combo

Max Focal Length


Min Focal Length

‎2.8 Millimetres

Model year


Part number



‎DJI Action 2 Power Combo

Water Resistance Level



‎DJI Action 2 Power Combo WITHOUT Case

Effective still resolution


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World News

DJI Action 2 review: An innovative modular camera with serious limitations - Expert Reviews
June 21, 2022 - Expert Reviews
DJI Action 2 Review - PCMag
October 27, 2021 - PCMag

Reviews (14)

14 reviews for DJI Action 2 Power Combo

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  1. Sean

    I love this camera in its design. It’s like DJI listened being very forward thinking and revolutionary but some things were not worked out before they released this.This takes a rip from the Mocacam. Except the Mococam was nowhere near this level of quality but the concept is the same. Same magnetic modular concept.But we’re not here to talk about that camera we’re talking about this Action 2. Let’s go over the 5 aspects a camera should be.Image quality: Its good. Good colors clarity its there for an action camera. On par with the leading competitors. Good POV 4x zoom nice controls Pro option for a little more hands on adjustments.Image stabilization: It is one of the best without a mechanical 3axis gimble. Again on par with the leading competitor. Nice horizon lock and options. Its quite good and a leader in this area.Audio: Records Good audio. Good playback speaker as well. But ya gotta be in a somewhat quiet area. No need for audio boosts in post. The recording gets better using the attachable module. More mics 👍Audio input: External mic input. I can plug in my mics with USBC. Trying to find an adapter from 3.5mm to USB C … 😐 Good thing I have mics with USB C.Waterproof: The camera is waterproof but only the main camera not the secondary screen or battery pack with SD card. 😕So this is pretty cool and I like it for the most part. They came up with the simple magnetic lanyard that I have been making myself with magnets for mounting on my shirt for years. I use round magnets that you can purchase anywhere. I started this with the Snapcam as there was no stability in wearing a camera around your neck. Its a simple thing.The magnets on this camera are strong and it’s backed up with clips 👍 must have read my Mocacam review. 😆…🤨This comes with good attachments. Gopro style mount a table top stand the lanyard you can screw on to a 1/4 20. I like this camera. It’s pretty good but could use some updates and changes. So if I like this why does it only get 1 star? ….This thing overheats fast. It gets hot in 5 min. Not warm HOT. Even not recording in 4k. In 4k depending on ambient conditions the camera too hot warning im going to turn off and if your not paying attention to my screen because you’re focused on your video you’re not going to know and get mad later warning comes on in 10min – 20min 😳 in 1080p there’s a power reserve setting and I can go 35min before the warning but the camera is hot. Right now it’s a nice hand warmer 👌 it’s about 50deg.Battery life is tricky. The main camera can get about 35-40min before the red bar. And you kinda think we’ll it is tiny so… but my Hero Session goes way longer. So does my Drift Compass. Even my Polaroid Cube goes longer. 😮But I still like this camera.The other thing that I have complained about to DJI because I have the Action, 4 Pocket 1 and 2s and gimbles and whatnot is the Activation and App. It took me hours of downloading and redownloading and turning off just about all my security measures on my phone to download this intrusive spyware app. I tried from the Playstore and it did not work and had to go to their website. The Action 2 isn’t even listed. So scan again and again the QR code, my phone even gives me a warning that downloading from this site could damage my phone. 🤨 I sign away all my security just to activate this camera. 😡We all know it’s a data grab. Why do you need access and control to all of my phone. Contacts text messages why are you tracking me? I said I would never purchase another DJI product because of this because it does compromise your security. Spam and Eggs.. But this was a camera I thought of and DJI made it. The price tho is a bit high at $520. When action cams go over $400 … 🤡Is this a camera you should go out and buy? No. You’re not going to be happy with its flaws. Is this a camera you buy because you’re a camera nut like me and can live with its quirks because the revolutionary outweighs the quirks. Yes. I will say though you probably should wait for a price drop and I have a feeling this will go on sale for Black Friday. 😉

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  2. Yifan Huang

    The media could not be loaded.  AVOID THE PRODUCT AT ALL COSTS! IT RUINED MY TRIPS WITH GIRLS.English is not my native language. Forgive me if any issues.1. EXTREMELY HOT!HOT TO TOUCH after running 10mins at 1080/30. Don’t dream you could take a 4k handheld with it. 4k60 would only record less than 5 MINS before it stops. Even after updating to the latest firmware, the battery balance function between the main module to display module would never work. The display module WOULD CHARGE THE MAIN MODULE CONSTANTLY if the main module is not a full-on battery. (Which drains the battery, cause heat even you turn off the machine). Not only does it generate heat, but also ruined your videos. For example, I was shooting 4k30 under straight sunlight for three minutes and it popup a hot warning. BUT IT DOES NOT STOP RECORDING! The voice recording getting more and more lagging and finally cut off, than the video’s signal.2. Production or Design issue with the pin connection ( See my video, sorry for its the Chinese language)I found the issue when mounting the cubic on my car hood. If you mount the two cubics together on mounts runs with a shake, it would lose communication between the card and machine randomly. Start recording, few seconds, and it beep, then stop. WHY DID YOU MAKE A CAMERA THAT COULD NOT USE IN ANY MOVING SCENARIO?3. THE DJI MIMO APP WAS A NIGHTMAREOn Android 12, which few lastest phones got, every time you load with apps it loads resources and asks for permissions. OK, I can take it. But AI editor was working on android 11 would not work anymore for half a year. (I have other DJI products too, exp OSMO mobile/Action) Downloading any clips from cubics would drain its battery, and the fastest I got is 20m/s. The most of time, it pop-ups saying an unstable connection only got 6 to 10 mb/s. You probably think you can use the cable to connect it to the computer. NO, THE USB PORT IS USB 2.0, which is super slow. IT WOULD BE A DAY AND NIGHT DIFFERENCE IF YOU TRANSFER FILES WITH A CARD READER.4. PICKY CARD CHOICE.I got there Sam’s EVO Select card, it’s got 90m/s read and write on all test software. But you the machine can take it at the original firmware, not the updated one. It runs hots, and card speed getting slow down. Boom all things happened inside the 3 mins timeframe. 40m/s MicroCenter TF card? Yep, I will take it. 60m/s Sandisk? Why not. 90m/s Sam ? Nah Nah Nah. But Sam’s PRO card works. I got no idea5. TOO MANY PROBLEMS I HAVE NOT ENOUGH TIME TO WRITE DOWN.Using this is like asking your father to help you with your housework. It never works man, it never works.Thanks to Amazon providing me with the best solution they could. I called them, they redirected me to the DJI care team. I gave all the issues and suggestions. YES, I AM A DJI FANBOY, I AM JUST SAD. Not disappointed just sad man. I do not trust this device at all scenario anymore.

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  3. Alejandro Gonzalez

    So far it’s been very good for me. It has got a bad propaganda claiming that it overheats and I don’t know if it’s true or not yet, but I am pretty sure I won’t get my video stopped because it is an action camera and I use it as such, not as a videography camera to shoot movies. Action sports don’t require 4k 120p. You just need 3 mins max to do a skateboard run, to ride a wave 5 – 6 mins to snowboard or mtb down a hill, you just need to hit the button when something interesting is going to happen, and this camera is lighting fast, it won’t take more than a second to turn on and start recording.Image quality and stabilization is of the best out there.The downside is that it is so premium that you are always afraid of scratching it or denting it and especially the lens glass which is not replaceable so you end up buying glass screen protectors for the lens and the display and I am also looking forward to buying a chinese waterproof case for the camera module in order to protect it against drops and smashes. Also I didn’t expect the gopro mount was so heavy, it’s because it’s all metal. One very good point of this camera that no one tells, is that because the angle of view is so wide it makes you look you are going faster, as the motion blur is way more on the edges.

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  4. Mason

    Image quality is just next to Pocket 2 which has mechanical gimbals. Way better than any other action cameras I’ve used. Horizon balancing is excellent after the firmware upgrade! But be careful that 4k 30fps gets overheated after about 15 minutes with the magnetic case installed.

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  5. Jeremiah

    It takes a lot of tweaking to get the picture quality right for night time photography or video recording. Which is understandable, but it will not record continuously for 20-30 minutes due to heat or SD card speed. The SD card is not the main issue. Cooling the camera itself is the main problem. Take for example being outside during the summer and you want to video record in any resolution or frame rate. The ambient temperature will most likely stop your recording even if the settings were tuned for high temperatures. I have not seen a single third party solution for this, nor a good white case for it to reflect the suns light.

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  6. stuart garnett

    The media could not be loaded.

     I had written a comprehensive review, and it has just disappeared, so here is the concise version.
    Very well made

    I have attached a quick clip of the unit attaching to the mount magnetically, very nice design

    This camera has not overheated for me once despite being used during this years heatwave. However it is futted with the magnetic protective case which also acts as a heatsync dissipating the heat away from the camera.

    The DJI mimo app works very well and footage transfers to my phone/tablet reasonably quickly.

    I need a storage case for it and it would have been nice if ut had come with a lanyard loop, on my picture you can see i have added one made from a piece of paracord (a strand from inside the cord) and then i make sure the ca.era is tied on if im on water.

    Bought this in the Prime sale for around £255 and am very happy with my purchase

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  7. Shopping shopping

    4k overheating, it can only work for about 3mins, this test is in new latest firmware on 12 Nov 2021,
    so for £450, 3 mins 4k video, no, I have to return this faulty product, but I will buy dji again next year if they improve it.
    my original review before 4k test:

    it is so fun to play with this little camera, the cute modular design is genius.
    it very warm, I have not tried 4k yet, but happy with 1080p.
    It can be webcam for the computer as well.
    love it.

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  8. donsmithvideo

    I really wanted to live this camera. After all the YouTube reviews give it so much praise. They praised it’s video quality, stabilization, the magnets and the Mimo app.The reality after two weeks of using it as my daily shooter is it is a lackluster camera that has many flaws that make it not with buying.First the magnetic system to attach the camera to a variety of mounts is crap. The magnetic necklace requires you to mount the camera upside down. The problem with this is the camera has a bug that does not recognize that the camera is upside down about 70% of the time. And yes i have the most current firmware that was supposed to fix this issue. The clamps that snap in place do not always snap in place or want to release. I suppose at some point i won’t notice that they did not fully engage and the camera will detach from my mount.The headband mount does not work with the new magnetic case that helps with overheating. You have to remove the camera every time when using it. Also the magnetic case does not allow you to use the cool ND filters on your the Action 2 lens.Video quality is on a par with every other action cameras on the market. Except in low light when my $300 Action 2 looks like a $50 Akaso knockoff camera. The video studders, shakes and it’s unusable. I know i can get better footage by going all manual but i shouldn’t have to do that. I want a action cameras that i can grab and shoot on the run. I don’t have the same low light problem when using the GoPro or Insta360 GO2.The editing app inside the Mimo app is clearly bought from a app farm in China. Everything in the app is generic and does not unlock any of the fun of using a action camera. Coming from the insta360 go2 and it’s fantastic editing app the DJI Mimo is sorry excuse pretending to be a editor. DJI really went cheap by not developing their own Action 2 specific app.There are many other things i can complain about but i will end with this, i regret buying the Action 2. My Insta360 GO2 broke so i thought I’d upgrade with the Action 2. That was a mistake. The GO2 even without 4K video is far superior than the Action 2. The Action 2 is a downgrade.Also to all those trusted YouTubers who clearly sold out to DJI you can bite me. I’m done with your fake praises of crappy products that you are paid to put out there under the pretence of a honest review. There is no way you would have given a honest review of the Action 2 if you had not been paid, given a free camera or seeking YT views.And the $70 DJI selfie stick with remote is the worst product I’ve ever had the misfortune of buying. It’s a total cash grab by DJI. Don’t believe me then but it and feel the plastic.Finally I’d say this is the worst camera and ecosystem that i have ever bought in my 25 years of being a videographer.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    DJI Action 2….
    Bought this and the magnetic ‘protective’ case.
    Set it up in the house and dropped it (it’s small and I’m clumsy).
    Screen cracked and it wouldn’t power up. Not very ‘action’ in my opinion and I’m not sure how long it lasts in real world ‘action’ scenarios.
    Luckily DJI will repair it for 203 Euros so all is not lost.

    So that’s £494 for a camera I haven’t use yet.

    Should have bought a GoPro 🙁

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  10. David Lumb

    My first action camera

    Image quality
    Field of view
    Build quality
    Quick removal from mounting – clip/magnetic mechanism easier than thumb screws
    Sound quality even without an external microphone

    Negatives (for me)
    Did overheat when testing it out indoors, not done that since firmware updates and not getting any overheating. I’ve turned the screen timeout lower and auto shutoff to help in this regard, if I use it in the van (sometimes capture nice views when driving)
    Price – not cheap is it… think it should be about £100 less tbh I would be more comfortable
    with that
    I’m on-replaceable batteries. Not a fan of that idea at all, that said I am used to it with phones these days…
    Limited internal storage, although I’m tending to use it with the screen module attached so not really an issue for me.

    Note I’ve not used it in wet conditions
    Horizon steady is truly remarkable, but not a feature that I need, but if you do then it seems to be the best one out there bar none? (Or can you get it with the max lens mod on go pro, you would have to check).
    Ideally the main unit would be able to take an SD card or at least have enough memory to run the lifetime of the battery in the topmost resolution. 64 or 128GB it should be (or sell some sort of small attachment that allows it without the full screen/battery module

    Overall for my use, the clip on clip off system works really well for me. There I guess may be add-one for other action cameras that allow that but I haven’t looked.

    Image quality is first class except not for night footage particularly, although you can fix the ISO and shutter speeds *I think* in pro mode to help that, sure I saw a YouTube video on it.

    I use my iPhone 11 Pro Max when it gets darker – for what I need it’s the better choice.needs a bigger aperture like the DJI pocket 2 to make me choose to use it.

    Other negative no replaceable lens but I’m a light user so for me it’s fine, and I have DJI refresh which was about £30, just in case (2/3 replacements with a relatively small payment in the event of needing one)

    Will be looking at the tilta cases when they come out. Have the small rig one currently which gives me some peace of mind and includes a neat bag to store it

    Hope that helps

    Definite room to make it the ultimate action camera for sure…

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  11. Nick L.

    Most of the initial bugs seem to be completely fixed now. No real overheating, great battery life, and more features like additional stabilization modes.Image quality is great but the main attractor for myself is the ingenious magnetic mounting system. It allows me to just use the camera more and get great shots.Got the camera for under $300 during a sale and couldn’t be happier.Quick note on external mics; any USB c or trrs mic converted to USB c works. I just noticed the audio is a little on the low side.

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  12. Shannon moore

    Took this out to Santa Cruz to get some good pics of our day at the beach. Kept it out of the sun and since it was on the ground not moving turned off all stability and hi res stuff. Got less than an hour of time, got a temp too hot message and it shut off. Seems to be a problem with the smaller DJI cameras. Was really bummed out

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  13. Funky

    The form factor and 57grams is amazing!!!! No more sluggish GoPros?!?? Deal. Only down side is the internal storage being 32g. Can off load the quick and they make it so easy it’s hard to complain about anything. One gripe to its many advantages over GoPro, so it’s more than worth it! Especially at 267$!! Ordered.

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  14. Paul Barrett

    Purchased with the protective / heat reducing case. Read a lot of reviews stating the overheating problem – TBH I thought this was unlikely, it’s DJI after all, they make excellent products, the very next day I took it out on its maiden voyage, clipped just the main unit (with the aforementioned case) to the necklace through my shirt and went walking with the dog, 6/7 mins into my walk the camera beeped 3/4 times – I checked the rear screen noticing an orange alert banner stating ‘Recording stopped due to excessive heat’ – cleared the message and started recording again, 2/3 mins later same thing…. So on and so forth….. I adjusted the resolution down to 1080 30 fps – giving me the exact same ‘overheating’ issue 🙁 This is a real shame, the camera is exceptionally well made, easy to navigate menus and the footage was fairly good – I will add here that footage was not as good as my iPhone 13 @ the same resolutions. Quite disappointed with my purchase and duly returned.

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