Drones, robotics and artificial intelligence in the new weapons of war.

Technological and scientific knowledge have always had a double moral aspect.

It cannot be said that a certain knowledge is good or bad in itself. That is determined by the type of use that is going to be given to it. More specifically, the use of the combination of drones, robotics and artificial intelligence in the new weapons of war it is very worrying.

Drones are still flying robots equipped with sensors, actuators and a controller system that quickly gains intelligence in the new models. In the cover image we show a General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper combat drone, originally known as Predator B: an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by the American company General Atomics Aeronautical Systems.

These types of drones for military applications will get smaller, cheaper, smarter and more lethal, and that is not good.

The human being for years has been using for years a series of intelligent autonomous weapons capable of killing human beings in a very sophisticated and efficient way, and we may be facing a qualitative leap in this type of technology.

Israel Aeroespace Industries (IAI) presents the Mini Harpy

We can consider one of these systems halfway between what a missile and a drone would be: we are talking about the incredible Mini Harpy kamikaze drone.

This drone-kamikaze is capable of patrolling areas, detecting targets using different strategies and transmitting the video to the operator. The device can be launched from land and sea positions, as well as from helicopters. In summary, its main characteristics are:

• Neutralization of threats that emit radiation, such as radars and other systems.
• Electro-optical threat detection – high quality video images for the operator.
• Launch from a wide range of mobile land platforms and offshore platforms.
• Several tools per unit area.

We are facing a type of weapon whose effectiveness is reflected in the video. It offers complete independence in intelligence gathering for a tactical upgrade, and worst of all, we are talking about a very effective and low-cost attack system.

Beyond this specific weapon, we are facing a new technological scenario for all kinds of war scenarios.

Incidents between aircraft and drones

We have already seen what the use of a simple toy in the vicinity of an airport can do.

The truth is that drones, whether we like it or not, have this potential danger. The airspace, the civil use of domestic drones and that of drones for professional use represent a disruptive technology that will undergo important changes in a few years.

There is no one to stop these technological advances and they are currently happening at a dizzying pace.

What is required in all these new scenarios is good sense and common sense, a very rare commodity in an information society where fallacies and morbidity circulate faster than truth, rigor and good sense. And especially, it is recommended to know in detail the current regulations to know where and how drones can be flown, always in airspaces allowed for drones by law.

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